a ripe one

As it grows nearer to go time I’m getting more and more antsy about leaving. My bags have been packed, weighed, repacked, weighed, and re-re-packed. I’ve gotten coffee with friends, bought last minute items, painted with my favorite newlyweds, celebrated birthdays and births-to-come, and added some colorful embroidery stitching to a plain hoodie.


But when the real boredom strikes nothing brings relief like cooking (or baking) something. It’s one of the things I’m least looking forward to about China– not having an oven, nor the ability to retreat to my favorite activity. In the past few weeks I’ve prepared a lobster salad, whipped up a bacon, mushroom, and goat cheese quiche, and baked this Swedish visiting cake. (The last is a new favorite of mine for its simplicity and tastiness. Plus I’m a sucker for anything with almond extract.) But tonight my sights were set on something a little more adventurous. Enter brown sugar fig and gorgonzola crisp.

It sounded like a fun and different take on dessert, so why not give it a try?


I got a little wary when I opened the container of cheese and caught a whiff.

But I carried on. I thought it had a tasty, albeit, very gorgonzola-y, taste. Sweet brown sugar and rich butter cut by the tang of the cheese. I ate it straight out of the pan. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite dessert, but something about it kept me going back for more.


My mom covered hers with vanilla ice cream and said, “I think I would really, really like it if it didn’t have the cheese.” Guess it’s not for everyone.

Until the next adventure (culinary or otherwise),



One thought on “a ripe one

  1. I did cover mine with ice cream, but it didn’t go well with the sharpness of the cheese. I think the dish had such amazing flavor, but I was just not used to the combination of the pungent gorgonzola with the sweet figs. Still, I applaud my daughter for her never-ending creative spirt in the kithchen!

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