green tea restaurant gave me crabs

Last week Taylor and I had to come to terms with something– we can no longer say we are traveling. Rather, we are living in China. Enter culture shock.

Some days come with challenges, but for the most part, we’re really loving being and even living here. Everyday is a learning experience!

Last night, in honor of Thanksgiving, Taylor’s school took Taylor, Caleb, and me out to dinner at a place called Green Tea Restaurant (Perk of Being a Girlfriend: boyfriend’s school always invites you to dinners/events for their teachers, even though you don’t work there). After feasting on many deliciours dishes including “goose tofu,” roast duck, and some of my favorites like lu cha bing (green tea cakes), and gan gao bao cai (cabbage with bacon and peppers), we enjoyed some good conversation and watermelon juice as we sat back and all expressed “Women bao le” (We’re full).

We thought our night was coming to a close, but our waiter came to our table and after some expressive exchanges in Chinese we learned the restaurant was having a special promotion and we would receive 4 free crabs! Now, would we like to eat them now or take them home? Being pretty stuffed already, we opted to take them home. Cooked or alive? Without any hesitation, Taylor was declaring, “Alive! We’ll take them alive!”

And so it came to be that I returned home with crabs.


I thought it would be funny to dump them onto Tammy’s floor and run away. Taylor thought it would be better to dump them on my floor and poke them with chopsticks.



After some play time, and some contemplation as to where we could keep them as pets (I had to be talked out of turning the bottom drawer in my fridge into an aquarium), we thought they might find better use with our friend Victor who lives and works in the hotel.


Victor was happy to receive them, and promptly gave them a full spa treatment, starting with a toothbrush scrub-down, because “we all must have a bath. Fruits and vegetables and crabs we eat, always first a bath.” Then the crabs met their end in a luxurious “sauna.”



At least the last thing they saw was this smiling face.


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