whip it good

Yesterday I made mayonnaise from scratch.

“Why would you ever want to make mayonnaise?” some might ask. (In fact, some did ask.)

Because when you are out of America for a certain period of time you start to like and crave things that you didn’t like or crave before, but only do now because they are unavailable. (When we were overseas, my friends and I called this phenomenon “ABD”– Attraction By Depravation. But it usually referred to being attracted to unsuitable members of the opposite sex).

For me this has been pop music, tabloid magazines, and more recently, mayonnaise.

Don’t ask why. I couldn’t tell you. Mayo has always really grossed me out. I used to gag when my elementary school friends would devour slices of white bread smothered in a glob of the stuff for a snack. One friend used to even eat it plain. By the spoonful. Terrible life choice. Why would you ever??

So, there probably isn’t a real reason to my deciding to make mayonnaise from scratch yesterday. Except that I’ve missed cooking and I like making things from scratch and I came across an easy looking recipe on one of my favorite blogs (www.abeautifulmess.com).

So I began with this recipe and tweaked it a bit. I don’t have an electric hand mixer, so I did all the whipping myself, with an undersized whisk, and using only my right arm. While watching the second-to-last episode of  Downton season 3(finally some happiness and redemption!). It was my WOD, if you will.

I followed the recipe, whipping and whisking and beating those eggs yolks and oil into emulsified submission. Then instead of pesto (China has no pesto), I added 1 clove of minced garlic and 2 very thinly sliced green onions.

More whipping ensued.

And voila! Homemade mayo! However, due to my gluten-free diet, I can’t just go put it on a sandwich (China has no gluten-free sandwich bread). So now it’s just sitting in my fridge. Waiting for one of the other foreign teachers in my building to come along and slather it onto some wanting bread slice. Or perhaps a potato salad is in my near future..


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