dream big

This week in class we talked about homes. At the end of the lesson I had my students write about their dream homes. Here are some of the best responses (and the English names they’ve chosen for themselves):

“In my dream I want to live in a house like a ball with a lot of windows… My house can round on the beach because it is a ball. There is no fence no sidewalk no driveway no yard no porch, so that we could round and round.” –Lazy Cat

“My dream home would be a splendent motorhouse, with 2-3 stories, with brand new equipments, variety of rooms. It can speed fast, even with burden weight… My family can accompany with me, including wife, child. I believe their life can be more colorful because of my existance!” –Greenson (more “formally” known as “Green Johnson”)

“I always dream about my home could build up in a village which is surrounding by bamboo. Next to my home have several field. I can grown any vegetables I like. Of course flowers and chicken are essential. When chicken lay eggs or flowers are beautiful both can make me happy. Away from town a breath of fresh air taste kind of vegetable.” –Sherry

“I like to have a house which is next to the ocean. The apparent of it is a blue globules… When I get up everyday, when I open the door, I can breath the ocean air and hug the ocean and I can forget all of the troubles.” –Coco

“I don’t care about how many rooms it have, or what color it would be. I only want to my wife will live in the room. And we will have a clear baby. Also we can make a dilicious dinner together. Our love in the house is all.” –Money

(Note: bathtubs are not very common in China) “I really want to have a huge bathtub then I can shower like a fish! Amazing! I guess it’s more relaxing than a shower. However, it’s maybe just a dream in CHINA. (crying…)” [This one included a drawing of crying face at the bottom] –Jasmine

“My dream house don’t need luxury. Six rooms is enough. Bedrooms for my family to sleep. One dining room, one chicken, and one bathroom.” –July


One thought on “dream big

  1. I think it’s funny that the one who only wanted a house full of love named himself Money. I also aspire to one day have a clear baby. (I think Katie and Ross are on track for that.)

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