dream big

This week in class we talked about homes. At the end of the lesson I had my students write about their dream homes. Here are some of the best responses (and the English names they’ve chosen for themselves): “In my dream I want to live in a house like a ball with a lot of […]


During a lesson about St. Patrick’s Day, I had my students make up dialogues using the vocabulary words they had just learned.  One boy transposed the “L” and the “I” in “kilts.”  As in, “What are those men wearing? I think men look so humorous with _______.” 


Before ever touching foot in Thailand I was most excited about visiting for two reasons: 1. To gluttonize myself on delicious Thai food and 2. To take a cooking class and learn how to make some of the tasty dishes myself. After looking around a little on TripAdvisor, I signed up with Silom Cooking School. […]

whip it good

Yesterday I made mayonnaise from scratch. “Why would you ever want to make mayonnaise?” some might ask. (In fact, some did ask.) Because when you are out of America for a certain period of time you start to like and crave things that you didn’t like or crave before, but only do now because they […]

Give and Take

Take: The weather is warming up! Fragrant cherry and magnolia blossoms grace our sidewalks. And sometimes we get to see the sun. Give: Pretty sure Hangzhou is warm because it’s being insulated by a blanket of smog.